Passfilt Pro engine updated to eliminate reboots

Altus Network Solutions, Inc. Releases consolidated password filtering solution

Alpharetta, Georgia - August 28, 2006

Altus Network Solutions develops and markets Passfilt Pro, a password filtering product used by companies in over 20 countries.  Passfilt Pro is configured via group policies and offers the ability to set up to 6 different granular password policies that apply to different groups of users within one or more Windows domains.  The granular password policy settings allow companies to strengthen security by preventing the use of weak passwords.

Previous version have required a reboot to upgrade or cross-grade.  However, the new architecture allows for dynamic updates of the password filtering engine while leaving the "skeleton" dll in place and exclusively locked by the operating system.  The new release also consolidates all previous versions (4 of them) into one engine which can be activated to operate in one of 4 different configurations.  Now, upgrades and cross grades can be performed without any need to reboot.

About Altus

Altus Network Solutions, Inc. is a Microsoft ISV partner located in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Altus has provided consulting, training and software development services since 1997.

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