Branham Publishes Windows NT Domain Architecture

Mr. A Gregg Branham publishes Windows NT Domain Architecture with Macmillian Technical Publishing

Indianapolis, Indiana - January 1999

In June 1998, Mr. A. Gregg Branham, founder and president of Altus Network Solutions, Inc., signed a contract to publish NT Domain Architecture (ISBN 1-57870-112-0) for Macmillan Technical Publishing. Gregg completed the writing in September, and the final edits in December. The book is scheduled for distribution during late January 1999.

An excerpt from the book’s introduction follows:

This book is intended to assist you with the process of planning, designing and implementing your domain architecture. It is also intended to provide you with strategies for organizing users and groups, sharing resources and implementing enterprise services. My driving goal behind this book is to fill a gap in your Windows NT toolbox by providing a book that covers Windows NT domains from the ground up. Although helpful, you are not assumed to have experience with multiple domain networks, only experience with basic NT system administration. The early chapters establish domain concepts and build the foundation for working with multiple domains.

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