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About Altus

Altus is derived from the Latin verb Altum. Altum means to nourish, support, strengthen and promote. As you would suspect, our name is no accident; it's a way of life. We partner with your staff on every project and give them the knowledge and tools to support the solutions we deliver.

Decatur County Board of Education
Goldman Sachs
Harmony Gold
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Los Alamos National Labs
Lucent Technologies
Mikimoto America
Naval Surface Warfare Center
National Security Agency
Rockwell Automation
Shinsei Corporation
United Nations
US Army
Wellington Leisure Products
and more...

Altus Network Solutions was founded by Gregg Branham in November 1997. Gregg is the author of Windows NT Domain Architecture as well as many magazine articles.

Gregg has taught Windows, TCP/IP and Cisco courses for companies all over the world. In January 1998, Altus released SPCheck, the first product of its kind to check all Windows machines for security patches and generate a web-based report. In 2003, Altus introduced Passfilt Pro, a security product for Windows domains that eliminates weak passwords and ensures strong internal security.  In 2007, Altus created a new division named nFront Security to move forward with the sale and advancement of Passfilt Pro and new software security products.

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