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Altus Network Solutions, Inc. also provides consulting, programming and training services to companies worldwide. Our consultants have taught or consulted on networks from Hong Kong to Australia.  Some of our consultants have taught courses for companies such as NASA and the NSA.  We offer expertise with Windows, Solaris, and Cisco products.


Altus Network Solutions, Inc. is best known for producing Passfilt Pro, a password policy enhancement and enforcement tool for Windows Active Directory. In August of 2007, Altus Network Solutions created a new division called nFrontSecurity to handle the sale and advancement of the product.  Passfilt Pro is now called nFront Password Filter

Altus is founded on the principles of quality work and customer service. We are dedicated to understanding and solving your complex Microsoft and Cisco networking problems and do not consider our job complete until we have exceeded your expectations, not your budget.

Give us the opportunity to help you solve your complex IT problems. We promise that you will not be disappointed.


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